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Selling Faster: Unlock the Secret Power of Home Staging

Selling Faster: Unlock the Secret Power of Home Staging - Declutter and Depersonalize to Let the Home Shine

Decluttering and depersonalizing a home is one of the most important steps when preparing it for sale. When potential buyers walk through your home, you want them to imagine it as their own space, not yours. Any clutter or personalized decor can distract from that. By removing the clutter and family photos, buyers can better envision their life in the home.

Start by clearing out any excess furniture that makes rooms feel crowded and cramped. Remove pieces that are broken or outdated as well. Buyers want to see spacious, open layouts with room for their own belongings. Consider putting any extra furniture into storage or donating items you no longer need.

Next, thoroughly clean each room and tidy up any clutter. Clear off countertops and other surfaces so they appear clean and streamlined. Store away most knick-knacks, decor items, and personal memorabilia. Buyers can find it distracting and hard to see past.

It's also important to clean out closets and cabinets so they feel open and roomy. Remove any off-season clothes, old linens, or other stored items to give closets a spacious look. Consider any repairs needed inside cabinets or closets as well.

In terms of decor, aim for a neutral, model home look. Plain walls allow buyers to envision their own style. Removing family photos and personalized art helps buyers see the home as a blank canvas. Choose neutral bedding and towels to appeal to a wider audience.

However, adding some greenery, unscented candles, fresh flowers or fruit can lend a welcoming feel. Just avoid anything too personalized. Current homeowners can pack these into a "move staging box" to add back after open houses or showings.

Selling Faster: Unlock the Secret Power of Home Staging - Lighting Sets the Mood and Highlights Best Features

Proper lighting can make or break a home staging. It not only brightens up the space, but also sets a desired mood and draws attention to the best features. When showcasing a home to potential buyers, lighting is a powerful tool to make each room look its absolute best.

The human eye is naturally drawn to bright spaces. Strategic lighting grabs buyers' attention and guides them to notice the most appealing areas. Brightly illuminating certain architectural details or design elements will highlight these as focal points. For example, praising a beautiful stone fireplace or custom built-in cabinetry with focused lighting puts these features center stage. Dramatic lighting also adds dimension to hallways, cavernous foyers or soaring ceilings to emphasize grand spaces.

Lighting can also lend a certain mood based on intensity, color temperature and placement. Bright, natural lighting conveys an airy, cheerful ambiance. Large windows and skylights flood the interior with this daylight. In living spaces like kitchens and family rooms, lots of light sets a lively, welcoming scene.

Soft, warm lighting sets a cozy, relaxed feeling perfect for bedrooms and other retreats. Lower wattage bulbs, lamps and sconces generate this gentle illumination. A color temperature in the yellow-orange range boosts the warm, inviting factor. Dimmer switches allow adjusting the mood for day versus night.

Accent lighting adds drama and dimension. Placing attractive pendants or track lighting over an island kitchen highlights this feature. Sleek fixtures beaming on the tub/shower draw positive attention to these luxurious amenities. Wall sconces flanking the bed put focus here.

Outdoor lighting casts an inviting glow in the yard, on patios and decks after dusk. Lanterns, spotlights and LED strips illuminate landscaping elements and exterior features for buyers touring homes in the evening.

Selling Faster: Unlock the Secret Power of Home Staging - Style it Like a Model Home for Maximum Appeal

One of the most powerful staging tactics is styling a home to look like a pristine model residence. Model homes represent the pinnacle of desirable design. Their carefully crafted vignettes and display of the latest fashions turn these homes into aspirational jewels that wow and inspire. Recreating the model home look in a staged listing generates the same "wow factor" and irresistible appeal.

Buyers touring model homes love the Instagram-worthy rooms brimming with perfection. These interiors motivate them to upgrade aesthetics and envision similar chic style in their own future home. Replicating this in a staged listing taps into buyers"™ desires and sparks visions of living there.

Some key elements of model home design translate seamlessly into home staging. Clean lines, eye-catching accents and a cohesive style create an enviable showcase. Trendy decor that looks straight from a catalog keeps the look current and enticing. Neutral backdrops allow the stunning features to shine.

A successful model-inspired style balances aspirational design with livable comfort. Splashes of glam and hints of luxury should intermix with warmth and functionality. Most buyers still need spaces for real life within the dreamy environs. A model style that"™s too perfect or avant-garde won"™t feel like "œhome."

Emily, a Chicago real estate agent, uses model home styling to great success. She told us, "œI tour model units constantly to stay on top of the latest trends. Then I translate these into the listings I stage. I add some similar furniture, accent pieces, paint colors and decor that fits the home"™s layout and architecture. This gives it that "˜wow"™ factor buyers want without going overboard or sacrificing comfort and flow."

She continues, "œStaging with this model home aesthetic really maximizes the appeal, especially for resale homes that need a major style boost. Buyers get excited seeing the home"™s potential and envision themselves living there in upgraded luxury. Open houses turn into lively networking events when the model home vibe gets people chatting and inspired. It"™s a total game changer for differentiation and driving buyers eager to tour in person."

Selling Faster: Unlock the Secret Power of Home Staging - Focus on creating Inviting, Flowing Spaces

A home's layout directly impacts how comfortable and welcoming it feels to potential buyers touring the property. Staging strategies that enhance the existing layout, improve flow between rooms and amplify a sense of harmony go a long way towards inviting buyers in and helping them envision their life in this space.

Creating smooth transitions from one area to the next facilitates easy navigation for buyers. They can better picture daily routines like cooking in the kitchen then gathering for a meal in the adjacent dining room. Use consistent color schemes, flooring materials and decorative details to visually connect different zones. Rearrange furniture to open sightlines and make walkways through the home intuitive.

Also use furnishings and decor to define spaces with purpose. For example, anchor living areas with a sectional, coffee table and tv console signaling this as a relaxation spot. Floating shelves holding books and decor transform a corner into a reading nook. Dramatic pendants hovering over a dining table help distinguish this for mealtime gatherings.

Elise, a Denver realtor shared how she staged a dated ranch style home to enhance flow. "œThe original layout trapped buyers in a narrow hallway. I lightened the wall color and switched in some glass doors to open sightlines. In the living room, I angled the furniture to direct eyes towards the backyard view. These tweaks made the space feel expansive and breezy."

Buyers desire flexibility and multi-functionality from spaces as well. Create zones within larger rooms for different experiences "“ a conversation area near the fireplace and a media lounge with a tv. Use an open floor plan to unify cooking, dining and family relaxation. Floating bookshelves, folding screens or area rugs help segment large spaces without sacrificing open appeal.

Subtle decor touches also boost a warm, welcoming vibe. Sophisticated yet comfy pillows and throws invite sinking into couches and beds. Fresh flowers and plants add natural elegance. Art and mirrors visually enlarge the space. Warmer paint colors envelop rooms with positivity.

Selling Faster: Unlock the Secret Power of Home Staging - Visualize the Home's Potential with Virtual Staging

Virtual staging allows sellers to showcase a property"™s full potential even before investing in physical renovations and furnishings. This visualization tool helps buyers look past cosmetic flaws or dated decor to imagine the possibilities.

With virtual staging software, real estate agents can upload listing photos then add staged furnishings, wall colors, flooring and more all digitally. The enhanced photos depict the home looking updated, spacious and move-in ready without requiring hands-on changes yet. Sellers avoid significant upfront costs this way but still wow buyers with a glimpse of what"™s possible.

Michele, a realtor in Atlanta, described how impactful virtual staging was for one dated property. "œThe oak cabinets, floral wallpaper and clutter made it feel stuck in the 80s. I used virtual staging to whitewash the cabinets, paint the walls light gray and remove some furniture. Buyers could suddenly see the beautiful architecture shine. Many said it helped them visualize full renovations."

She continued, "œWe went under contract for over asking price in one week with all virtual upgrades. It inspired the buyers to actually remodel using that vision. Virtual staging opened their eyes early so they could fall in love with the potential."

For vacant homes with few furnishings, virtual staging makes spaces appear warm, livable and move-in ready. Fill bare rooms with attractive furniture, rugs and decor that reflect current trends and the home"™s features. Buyers prefer seeing a fully-staged look rather than empty echoes.

Joan, an agent in Seattle, had success staging a vacant new construction listing this way. "œThere were just concrete floors and drywall throughout this modern home. I virtually added polished wood flooring, stylish light fixtures, rugs, couches, beds and more in the app to bring it to life. Buyers could envision hosting dinner parties in the chic dining room and relaxing by the gorgeous stone fireplace."

She added, "œIt helped buyers fall in love with the flow and layout when they could visualize living there. I could show the 3D renderings room-by-room during video tours too. It was the next best thing to actually furnishing the home."

Selling Faster: Unlock the Secret Power of Home Staging - Little Touches make a Big Difference for Buyers

It"™s easy to overlook the small details when staging a home, but those finishing touches can truly elevate the space in buyers"™ eyes. Little flourishes show buyers someone took the time to perfect the ambiance and design. This thoughtful care speaks volumes about the quality and potential of the home.

When buyers step into a thoughtfully finished space, they instantly get swept up in the lifestyle vision it presents. Staging should tell a story that buyers want to be part of. Savvy details that personalize each room make that story and vision more tangible.

For example, a cozy breakfast nook decorated with a cute tablecloth, placemats and a vase of flowers helps buyers picture leisurely morning coffee and meals here with loved ones. A designated work-from-home area styled with laptop, notebook and framed art evokes telecommuting in inspiring surroundings.

Rachel, a realtor in Austin, Texas, always styled her staged nightstands with lamps, books and small flower arrangements. She shared, "œBuyers loved those special nightstand vignettes. Several mentioned how it helped them envision relaxing in bed with a book and fresh flowers from the yard. Something so small made a big impression."

Another impactful detail is fresh greenery and floral arrangements. Blooming plants, cut flowers and garlands instantly livens up a space. When buyers see gorgeous florals, it signals a happy, well-cared for home.

Chris, a Denver realtor told us, "œI incorporate floral arrangements, potted plants and wreaths into my staging. I change them out weekly so they constantly look fresh and vibrant in listing photos and open houses. Buyers comment on the beautiful florals all the time and just seem uplifted by them."

Finishing touches should complement the home"™s architecture and highlight special features. Drape decorative lighting on a stunning stone fireplace mantel to draw attention. Throw luxurious fur pillows on a decadent designer couch to amp its opulence.

Selling Faster: Unlock the Secret Power of Home Staging - Staging is an Investment that Pays Off in Higher Offers

Many sellers hesitate to invest money into staging their home prior to listing, wondering if the upfront cost will pay off. However, research and real-world results consistently show that quality staging significantly increases a home"™s selling price and desirability. When done right, staging is well worth the initial investment.

Staged homes spend less time on the market and sell for more money. Data analysis from the National Association of Realtors reveals that staged homes sell in half the time compared to non-staged homes. Staging also results in about 1-3% higher listing prices. For a $500,000 home, that translates to $5,000-$15,000 extra profit.

Amanda, a realtor in Portland, Oregon, shared a success story: "œWe helped clients stage their dated, 1990s era home prior to listing. They spent about $2,500 refreshing paint colors, installing new light fixtures, decluttering and adding some updated furniture. The home sold for $415,000 within 2 weeks of listing "“ $30,000 over their initial asking price! The staging investment paid for itself ten times over."

Staging makes a home more attractive by showcasing its best assets and disguising flaws. Tactics like decluttering, neutral paint colors, upgraded lighting and stylish furnishings make spaces look their absolute best in listing photos and in-person. Staging minimizes buyers getting distracted by ugly finishings or flaws by instead highlighting positive features and potential.

Megan, a realtor in Austin, Texas said, "œWhen listing older homes with dated kitchens and bathrooms, we almost always recommend staging. Small fixes like new hardware, pendant lights and decorative tile backsplashes modernize the spaces at a fraction of the cost of full remodels. Buyers envision all they can update later but appreciate the spaces looking refreshed now."

Staging also helps a home compete in crowded markets where first impressions matter. With more options, buyers can be selective and quickly dismiss listings without stellar photos or in-person vibes. Pro staging makes a home irresistible and differentiated.

Mark, a realtor in Denver, Colorado told us, "œIn competitive markets, staged homes often receive multiple offers the first week while dated, empty homes can sit for months. You have to wow buyers with amazing photos and then deliver an even better experience seeing the home in person. Staging is what makes that possible."

Stand out in crowded search results. Get high-res Virtual Staging images for your real estate quickly and effortlessly. (Get started for free)

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