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What is the most accurate and reliable website that allows me to search for houses for sale near my current location?

**Zillow's Zestimate home values are based on a complex algorithm** that takes into account public records, tax assessor data, and user-submitted information to estimate a home's value.

** gets its listings directly from local multiple listing services (MLSs)**, which are databases of properties for sale, ensuring accuracy and up-to-dateness.

**Trulia's neighborhood information is fueled by user reviews and ratings**, allowing users to get a sense of the community and area amenities.

** uses a proprietary algorithm to rank listings**, taking into account factors like price, location, and home features to provide the most relevant results.

**Redfin agents are salaried employees, not independent contractors**, which can impact the buying and selling experience for clients.

**Zillow's mortgage calculator takes into account multiple factors**, including loan amount, interest rate, and credit score, to provide a realistic estimate of monthly payments.

**'s home valuations are based on a combination of public records and user-submitted data**, ensuring a comprehensive view of a property's worth.

**Trulia's real estate data is updated daily**, ensuring that users have access to the latest listings and information.

** partners with local real estate agents and brokers** to provide users with a comprehensive view of listings and market trends.

**Redfin's home estimates are based on a proprietary model** that incorporates historical sales data, property characteristics, and local market trends.

**Zillow's online real estate marketplace is available in all 50 US states**, providing a comprehensive platform for buyers and sellers.

**'s mobile app allows users to search for homes on-the-go**, making it easy to find properties that fit their needs.

**Trulia's Real Estate Guides provide in-depth information on neighborhoods**, including local experts' insights and community reviews.

** provides a "Homes for Sale Near Me" feature**, allowing users to easily find properties in their desired location.

**Zillow's Premier Agent program connects users with local real estate agents**, providing a convenient way to find a trusted advisor.

**'s mortgage calculator takes into account multiple loan options**, including FHA, VA, and USDA loans.

**Trulia's neighborhood heatmaps provide a visual representation of local crime rates**, helping users make informed decisions about their next home.

**'s "Search by Map" feature allows users to visually explore properties**, making it easy to find homes in a specific area.

**Redfin's 1% listing fee is a unique selling point**, offering clients a cost-effective way to sell their properties.

Stand out in crowded search results. Get high-res Virtual Staging images for your real estate quickly and effortlessly. (Get started for free)