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How many houses has a realtor sold?

The average real estate agent in the United States sells between 4-12 homes per year, according to industry data.

However, the top 10% of real estate agents sell over 35 homes annually, skewing the average higher.

A realtor's sales volume is often more indicative of their success than just the number of homes sold.

Top agents may sell fewer but higher-priced properties.

Factors like location, market conditions, and an agent's experience level can significantly impact their annual home sales.

New real estate agents typically sell fewer homes in their first year, often around 2-4 transactions, as they build their client base and reputation.

Real estate teams and brokerages can dramatically increase an individual agent's sales numbers by pooling their listings and clients.

Off-market or "pocket" listings that are not publicly advertised are not always counted in an agent's official sales numbers.

Luxury home specialists may have lower transaction volumes but higher total sales dollars compared to agents focused on entry-level properties.

Agents who specialize in investment properties or flipping houses can rack up high sales numbers but may have shorter client relationships.

In hot real estate markets, some top agents may sell 50 or more homes per year by leveraging technology, marketing, and efficient systems.

The median number of homes sold per agent can vary widely by geographic region, from as low as 4-6 in some rural areas to over 20 in competitive urban markets.

While sales volume is important, the quality of an agent's service and client satisfaction are often more meaningful measures of their effectiveness.

Many successful agents focus on building a referral-based business, which can lead to steady, high-quality transactions over time.

The rise of iBuyer programs and direct-to-consumer home selling platforms may impact traditional real estate agent sales volumes in the future.

Experienced agents with strong local market knowledge tend to outperform newer agents on an individual transaction basis.

Real estate teams allow agents to collectively leverage their skills and resources to drive higher overall sales numbers.

An agent's social media presence and online marketing efforts can significantly boost their visibility and lead generation.

Top-producing agents often have a diverse mix of both buyer and seller clients to maintain a steady pipeline of transactions.

In some markets, agents who specialize in certain property types or neighborhoods can dominate those segments with higher sales volumes.

Continuing education, professional designations, and staying up-to-date on industry trends can help agents improve their sales performance over time.

Stand out in crowded search results. Get high-res Virtual Staging images for your real estate quickly and effortlessly. (Get started for free)