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Renting Out Rooms: Tips for Turning Your Home into an Airbnb Goldmine

Renting Out Rooms: Tips for Turning Your Home into an Airbnb Goldmine - Photograph Like a Pro

Great photos are one of the most important parts of getting bookings on Airbnb. You need photos that make your space look clean, inviting, and as attractive as possible. Investing some time and effort into high-quality photographs can pay off enormously.

Start by thoroughly cleaning and decluttering the areas you plan to photograph. Tidy up, remove personal items, de-clutter surfaces, and make sure everything is spotless. Good lighting is also critical. Take photos during the daytime when there is plenty of natural sunlight. Turn on all the lights and lamps to avoid any dark or shadowy areas.

Capture different angles and perspectives to showcase the space. Take wide shots to show the overall room size and layout. Get closer for detail shots of the bed, seating areas, amenities, etc. Shoot from corners to show more of the space. Mix in vertical and horizontal angles. Move furniture around to highlight different areas.

Use the rule of thirds for a pleasing, balanced composition. Imagine dividing your viewfinder into a 3x3 grid, and position key elements on the grid lines or intersections. Keep the camera level to avoid awkward tilting. Play around with different lenses and focal lengths if you have a DSLR. A wide angle lens can make spaces seem larger.

Most guests want to see the bathrooms, so capture both wide and close up shots. For bedrooms, photograph with the bed neatly made. Stage living spaces with decorative items like flowers, books, etc. For kitchens and dining areas, style the tabletop attractively. Outdoor spaces should be landscaped and photographed in nice weather.

Edit your photos to perfect them. Adjust the lighting, temperature, saturation, sharpness, and framing. Cropping out distracting or messy background elements can also elevate your photos. Select 8-15 great images that give an immersive feel for the property. Keep the page looking clean and uncluttered for maximum appeal.

Renting Out Rooms: Tips for Turning Your Home into an Airbnb Goldmine - Price it Right

Pricing your Airbnb rental properly is crucial for success. Set your rates too high, and you risk turning away potential guests. Price it too low, and you leave money on the table and signal something is wrong with the property. Finding the optimal price point to maximize bookings and revenue takes research and testing.

Aim to be competitive within your specific local market. Check Airbnb listings in your area with similar amenities, location, size, and quality. Aggregate sites like AirDNA allow you to analyze occupancy rates and pricing for entire neighborhoods. Try to match or slightly undercut comparables.

Also factor in expenses like cleaning, toiletries, utilities, supplies, etc. Add a profit margin on top. Many hosts recommend starting on the lower end, around 20% below market rate, to build initial reviews and momentum. You can slowly increase the price as your listing gains traction.

Monitor demand carefully in response to price changes. Notice when bookings drop off after a hike. Try lowering the rate to regain occupancy, then inch it back up again. You may need to adjust pricing seasonally too.

Provide value with extras like free parking, WiFi, streaming services, and coffee. Note amenities in the listing description. Price accordingly if the property is premium, has rare features like a hot tub, or is in an ideal location.

Renting Out Rooms: Tips for Turning Your Home into an Airbnb Goldmine - Write a Winning Description

A well-written, engaging description is vital for conveying what makes your Airbnb special and enticing potential guests. Put thought and effort into crafting descriptive content that paints a vivid picture of your rental.

Begin with a brief opening paragraph summarizing the highlights and setting the overall tone. Use enthusiastic, descriptive language like "œcharming", "œcozy", or "œcontemporary." Mention standout amenities like a backyard hot tub, rooftop deck, or smart home features.

Next, dive into the details. Provide the nitty-gritty on number of bedrooms/bathrooms, bed types, exact square footage, layout, neighborhood, etc. Break things up with bullet points or short paragraphs for visual appeal.

Focus on the experience you offer guests. Is there a beautiful sunroom flooded with natural light? An eat-in kitchen perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee? A lush garden with fruit trees and vegetable beds? Describe what it feels like to inhabit and move through the space. Help guests envision themselves there.

Use specifics to make it tangible. Note brand name appliances, hardwood floor types, designer furniture pieces. List exact amenities like hair dryer, iron, toiletries, cooking supplies. Mention conveniences like the walking distance to the beach or corner coffee shop.

Address common guest concerns upfront like noise, parking, kid/pet policies. Provide comprehensive instructions for check-in/out procedures, accessing the unit, and any high-tech features. This avoids confusion and negative reviews down the line.

Inject some personality, charm, and local flavor through your writing. Share your own favorite neighborhood spots and nearby attractions. Many guests appreciate tips from a local. Just keep it concise and relevant.

Renting Out Rooms: Tips for Turning Your Home into an Airbnb Goldmine - Respond Quickly

Providing rapid responses to guest inquiries and booking requests is imperative for success on Airbnb. The platform is built on personal connections and hospitality. Nothing turns off potential guests faster than an unresponsive or slow host. Strive to reply to all messages within an hour or two at most.

The quicker you can confirm a booking, the more likely you are to secure it before the guest books elsewhere. Many experienced hosts even enable instant book and smart pricing to allow bookings without requiring pre-approval. Just be sure to thoroughly vet guests beforehand by checking reviews and identity verifications.

Once a guest does book, send a friendly welcome message right away to get the relationship started on the right foot. Thank them for choosing your listing and share your excitement to host. Provide any check-in instructions, directions, parking details and contact information. Ask if they have any other questions or needs.

During their stay, check in periodically to ensure everything is satisfactory. Be available via phone, text or messaging if any issues arise. Address problems immediately to avoid negative reviews. Refunds or discounts for cut short stays may be necessary in extreme cases.

After checkout, reach out to get feedback while the experience is still fresh. Were they comfortable? Did they enjoy the neighborhood? Would they stay again or recommend you? Thank them again for being a guest and encourage them to contact you if they're ever in town again.

Reviews from guests after a quick, easy, and positive stay are extremely valuable social proof for your listing. New users feel more confident booking when hosts have a history of great communication and service.

A thoughtful host who responds rapidly stands out. Real estate agent Becky shared, "I had messaged the host of a beautiful beach house listing and wasn"™t expecting to hear back for a day or two. But he responded within 30 minutes, answered all my questions, and I booked immediately, feeling like I was in good hands."

Of course emergencies and the occasional delay responding is understandable. The key is to always get back to inquiries ASAP and not leave guests hanging for long. Set notifications and check messages regularly. Turn on e-mail and SMS alerts for new inquiries and bookings so you never miss an important message.

Renting Out Rooms: Tips for Turning Your Home into an Airbnb Goldmine - Get the House Guest-Ready

Preparing your home to welcome Airbnb guests requires time and effort, but it's worth it to provide a stellar experience. Your property needs to be clean, comfortable, and functional so guests immediately feel at ease. Little touches also make a space feel warm, welcoming and personalized.

Start by thoroughly cleaning everywhere guests will access - bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces, kitchen, outdoor areas, etc. Change linens, vacuum, dust, scrub surfaces, take out trash, and remove clutter. A spotless space helps guests relax. Emily, an Airbnb hostess in Denver said, "I always do an intense deep clean before each set of new guests. It's a lot of work, but I get amazing reviews on cleanliness."

Stock bathrooms with fresh towels, toilet paper, soaps, shampoo and other essentials. Make sure lighting and plumbing fixtures are working properly. Provide basic toiletries and hair dryer if possible. "It was so nice to have shampoo and body wash ready for us after a long trip," remarked Lauren, an Airbnb guest. "œIt"™s a small touch that makes a difference."

The kitchen should be fully equipped with plates, cups, utensils, cookware, bakeware, and appliances. Maintain a supply of coffee, tea bags, spices, cooking oil, and other pantry staples. "œHaving coffee available saved my life that first morning before I could get to the store," said Mark, an Airbnb guest.

Bedrooms need fresh sheets, blankets, pillows and a comfortable mattress. Install blackout curtains or blinds if possible. Provide bedside lighting and a laundry basket or hamper in closets. "œWe slept so well in that amazing bed," reported Emma, a guest. "You could tell they really cared about quality."

Beyond necessities, creative touches make a space warm and inviting. Welcome snacks, fresh flowers, books, games, brochures on local attractions, and a handwritten welcome note add personality. "œThe chocolate chip cookies on arrival were such a thoughtful surprise," said James, an Airbnb guest. "œIt immediately made us feel at home."

Finally, inspect the exterior areas guests will use like decks, patios, pools, hot tubs, gardens and more. Outdoor spaces should be clean with furniture in good repair. Maintain landscaping and remove safety hazards.

Renting Out Rooms: Tips for Turning Your Home into an Airbnb Goldmine - Be a Gracious Host

Being a gracious, hospitable host is one of the most important aspects of running a successful Airbnb rental. Experienced hosts emphasize that warm, personal hosting is what makes Airbnb stays special compared to hotels. Going above and beyond to welcome your guests and attend to their needs helps earn 5-star reviews and repeat visits.

Start with a friendly introduction when guests first arrive. Greet them, provide a tour of the property, explain how appliances and features work, and share your favorite local spots. "Our host welcomed us with such kindness that we immediately felt comfortable," remarked one guest. Give them your phone number in case questions come up later.

Anticipate needs by providing umbrellas, recreational equipment, board games, and guides to area attractions. "œOur host had fishing poles, beach gear, and hiking maps available. It really enhanced our trip," shared one visitor. Little touches like fresh baked muffins or a bottle of wine also delighted guests.

Check in occasionally to ensure everything is satisfactory, without being overbearing. Quickly address any issues like malfunctioning appliances to keep problems from escalating. "œThe AC went out late one night, but our host responded immediately and got it fixed by morning," one grateful guest recalled.

Respect privacy, but make yourself available. "œOur host gave us space but was there anytime we had a question," remarked Lauren, an Airbnb user. "œWe felt cared for without being smothered." Be flexible and accommodating around things like check-in/check-out times when possible.

When issues do arise, stay calm and focus on resolution, even if requests seem unreasonable. "œThe family staying with us accidentally broke an antique lamp. Our host kindly forgave the mishap and helped calm the kids"™ tears," shared one guest. Diffusing tensions preserves your reputation.

After checkout, reach out for feedback. Thank guests again for visiting and invite them to return in the future. Positive interactions breed loyal repeat customers. "œWe built a real friendship with our Airbnb hostess over our stay. Of course we"™ll be booking with her next time!" raved Melissa and James, frequent Airbnb guests.

Renting Out Rooms: Tips for Turning Your Home into an Airbnb Goldmine - Review Your Guests

Reviews are a two-way street on Airbnb. Guests evaluate their stay and experience with you, but as a host you also have the opportunity to rate and review guests after their visit. Leaving thoughtful and honest feedback helps guide future hosts and improves the community. Before reviewing, reflect carefully on each overall stay.

Stand out in crowded search results. Get high-res Virtual Staging images for your real estate quickly and effortlessly. (Get started for free)

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