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How Sellers Closed the Deal with 24k Worth of Included Items

How Sellers Closed the Deal with 24k Worth of Included Items - A Well-Styled Home Sold 20% Above Asking Price

The sellers had recently moved into a larger home but were unsure of how to market their previous residence to get top dollar. With only a few furnishings and basic upgrades throughout the years, the photos lacked visual appeal. That's when they came across an article explaining how proper staging can boost a home's curb appeal and attract more serious buyers.

Rather than hire a professional stager, they decided to use the budget wisely by focusing on strategic additions. Neutral-colored throw pillows and artwork personalized the family room. In the kitchen, new glass canisters and plush oven mitts replaced the mismatched containers. Upstairs, the master bedroom was brightened with a patterned duvet cover and fresh towels. Outdoor furnishings on the patio completed the look.

These small styling tweaks transformed lackluster rooms into inviting spaces buyers could envision living in. When listing photos were taken, the home seemed larger and brighter. Within the first week, several offers came in above asking price from couples seeking this move-in ready feel. Competition increased the highest bid by 20% over the initial $450,000 price.

How Sellers Closed the Deal with 24k Worth of Included Items - Including Appliances Boosted Offers by Nearly 10%

When listing their five-bedroom, three-bathroom family home, Jennifer and Mark were unsure whether to leave the kitchen appliances or have potential buyers factor that cost into any offer. Statistics showed kitchen upgrades often had the best return on investment for resales, but removing appliances also made the sizable space feel incomplete in photos.

Their realtor suggested including the appliances now and raising the price accordingly could attract buyers seeking a fully-functional kitchen from day one. New homeowners despise empty rooms missing basic essentials. This tactic gave visitors the impression everything was taken care of so they could move straight into comfortable living.

Jennifer and Mark's realtor had other clients try both strategies to compare. Those leaving appliances open received roughly equivalent early bids that removed estimated replacement costs for stainless-steel appliances from the offer. However, homes showing move-in readiness saw applications climb almost 10% higher on average as buyers valued not having to schedule multiple purchase and delivery windows.

Word spread fast in the neighborhood about Jennifer and Mark's listing, appealing to many active families. Within its first open house, the realtor received two full-price offers including the $9,000 value of the appliances that came recommended by Consumer Reports. Buyers loved not needing to change anything other than personal decor since everything functioned perfectly. A bidding war ensued with the winning bid coming in at 5% above the original $480,000 asking price, recouping costs.

How Sellers Closed the Deal with 24k Worth of Included Items - New Flooring Upgraded Curb Appeal and First Impressions

When potential homebuyers pull up to a property, the exterior curb appeal makes a huge first impression. Chipping paint, dirt streaks, and weathered siding can turn buyers away before they even exit their cars. Upgrading worn elements signals owners cared for and maintained the home properly.

However, many sellers ignore what guests experience from the foyer inward. Scuffed hardwoods, decades-old carpet, and cracked tile emit a dated vibe the instant visitors cross the threshold. Even if the bones of the home are solid, shabby floors detract from interior beauty.

New owners Dave and Susan prioritized modernizing their new two-story Colonial's outdated oak flooring and matted living room carpet before listing. They selected durable laminate wood planks in a warm chestnut tone for the first level to contrast freshly painted white walls. Upstairs, they replaced the carpet with light gray engineered hardwoods that complemented the existing trim.

These simple swaps made the 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home feel fresh, spacious, and move-in ready. During the first open house, multiple potential buyers commented on the welcoming ambiance the new floors created. The neutral tones allowed buyers to envision their own design style rather than feel stuck with someone else's.

One visitor noted the change was like walking from the 1980s into 2022, creating an exciting blank canvas to personalize. Dave and Susan also installed new tile in the kitchen and baths to complete the transformation. These visible finishes reflected the care they put into maintenance and upgrades that inspection reports confirmed.

In only two weeks, they received four solid offers over their $425,000 asking price once buyers saw the potential beyond outdated floors. The winning bid came in at $450,000 from a young family excited to customize the soft, neutral backdrop. Dave and Susan invested $8,000 on the new flooring but recouped the expense plus an extra $17,000 over expectations.

Carly and Ryan took a different approach when upgrading their Tri-level before selling. They installed rich hickory floors throughout for an extra $15,000 based on current trends. However, the bold wood dominated the space, clashing with the outdated kitchen and baths.

How Sellers Closed the Deal with 24k Worth of Included Items - A Fresh Coat of Paint Made This Home Feel New Again

The power of a fresh coat of paint should never be underestimated when it comes to selling a home. It is a simple and cost-effective way to breathe new life into a space and make it more appealing to potential buyers. A well-chosen paint color can transform a room, making it feel brighter, more spacious, and on-trend. In the competitive real estate market, where first impressions matter, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference.

Samantha, a homeowner in the suburbs, decided to repaint her home before putting it on the market. The walls were covered in outdated wallpaper and the colors were drab and uninspiring. She knew that in order to attract buyers and stand out from the competition, she needed to give her home a fresh, modern look. With the help of a professional painter, Samantha chose a neutral color palette that would appeal to a wide range of buyers.

The transformation was remarkable. The old wallpaper was removed, and the walls were painted in a warm, inviting shade of beige. The rooms instantly felt brighter and more spacious. Samantha also painted the trim and doors in a crisp white, giving the entire home a clean and cohesive look. The fresh coat of paint made the home feel new again, and Samantha received multiple offers within days of listing.

Another homeowner, Michael, had a similar experience when he decided to repaint his home before selling. His house had been on the market for months with no offers, and he was growing increasingly frustrated. Realizing that the outdated paint colors were turning off potential buyers, he made the decision to repaint the entire interior. With the help of a professional color consultant, Michael chose a modern gray color palette that would appeal to contemporary buyers.

The impact was immediate. The home went from feeling outdated and tired to fresh and inviting. The new paint colors created a cohesive flow throughout the house, making it feel more spacious and modern. Within a week of repainting, Michael received multiple offers and sold his home for a price that exceeded his expectations.

These experiences are not isolated incidents. Many homeowners have discovered the power of a fresh coat of paint when selling their homes. According to a study by Zillow, homes with a fresh coat of paint in neutral colors tend to sell for more money and in a shorter amount of time compared to homes with bold or outdated colors. Buyers are often looking for move-in ready homes, and a fresh coat of paint signals that the home has been well-maintained and cared for.

How Sellers Closed the Deal with 24k Worth of Included Items - New Light Fixtures Brightened Every Room and Photos

When listing a home, good photography is essential to attract buyers browsing online listings. Yet dim lighting can sabotage even the most skilled photographer"™s efforts to capture a property"™s best features. Dark rooms read as gloomy and unappealing, turning off potential buyers before they ever step foot inside.

Upgrading outdated light fixtures delivers an instant facelift that makes the entire home shine bright for photos. Newer fixtures also provide better illumination to show off architecture details and create a welcoming ambiance. This visible improvement is another way sellers can maximize ROI when investing in select upgrades.

Mark and Liz experienced this firsthand when selling their 1970s suburban colonial. The previous owners had left old fluorescent box fixtures that cast uneven yellowish light in every room. While the house had good bones, the lighting showed the dark wood paneling and avocado appliances in the worst possible way.

Walking through the home felt like stepping back in time, and the realtor"™s photos couldn"™t capture the true square footage. Mark and Liz installed recessed LED lights throughout the main floor, replaced the kitchen fluorescents with track lighting, and added brushed nickel fixtures in the bathrooms.

The results were stunning. Crisp white light opened up the spaces, and the new fixtures blended in rather than drew the eye with their dated design. Suddenly the real oak floors gleamed and the potential in each room shone. Better photos attracted more buyers to schedule tours based on the warm, welcoming ambiance.

Peter and Clara also invested $3,000 on new light fixtures when selling their mid-century ranch home. The heavy 1950s chandeliers and sconces overwhelmed the clean lines of the architecture. Swapping those out for sleek modern fixtures allowed the home"™s assets like walls of windows and an open floor plan to shine.

Every area photographed brighter and more spacious. Within two weeks of listing, they had received eight solid offers and sold for $20,000 above their asking price. The new lighting captured buyers"™ attention while tours showcased the functionality. That small initial investment provided huge returns in their final offer.

Improving lighting can also highlight specific rooms. When selling her condo, Amy replaced outdated dining room fluorescents with a dramatic chandelier. Through that focal point, buyers could better envision hosting intimate dinner parties and holiday meals at the table. It became one of the most commented on features during tours for how it transformed the mood and purpose of the space.

How Sellers Closed the Deal with 24k Worth of Included Items - Furniture Placement Maximized Floor Space and Views

Furniture placement is a strategic yet often overlooked means to enhance a home's aesthetic appeal and functionality. The layout of furniture can make a strong impression on buyers by either highlighting open floor plans or masking cramped quarters. A thoughtfully designed floor plan maximizes every square foot in order to attract more offers.

Sophie and Juan listed their 4-bedroom suburban colonial following a cross-country move for Juan's job. While the home's structure and finishes were in good order, the awkward furniture arrangement did not show the generously sized great room to its full potential. Specifically, an oversized sectional blocked the view out to the patio from the entrance. Splitting up the sofa and placing the new pieces against alternate walls instantly opened up sightlines.

Now visitors had an immediate view of the backyard oasis through large windows at the far side of the room. Placement of a lounge chair near the fireplace and small table further defined the social areas without dividing the space. These subtle shifts livened up stagnant corners and brought more natural light indoors. Buyers raved about the open, airy ambiance and flexible flow which suited numerous lifestyles. High offers came from families and empty nesters alike who wanted indoor-outdoor living.

How Sellers Closed the Deal with 24k Worth of Included Items - Landscaping Improvements Increased Kerb Appeal and Curbside Curb

A home's landscaping plays a pivotal role in attracting potential buyers before they ever view the interior. Well-designed outdoor spaces extend living areas and provide sanctuary, increasing a property's desirability. Overgrown shrubs, dead plants, weeds, and bare patches convey neglect, turning off buyers seeking move-in-ready curb appeal. Simple upgrades like mulching, edging, and new plantings signal a maintained, welcoming exterior.

When listing their suburban ranch, Lily and Noah focused time and money on revitalizing the home's tired landscaping. Overgrown hedges dwarfed the facade, blocking views of the classic brick exterior. Inside the entry gate, weeds choked planting beds while the patchy lawn resembled scrub brush. Working with a landscaper, Lily and Noah began by pruning back the overgrown shrubs to showcase the charming brick exterior. Next, the landscaper raked away weeds and debris before laying fresh mulch and river rock accents. Colorful native perennials and ornamental grasses replaced overgrown foundation plantings to frame the home. New sod created lush curb appeal.

These enhancements worked magic. As soon as buyers entered the new gate, they were wowed by the inviting, magazine-worthy landscape. The inviting outdoor living space extended the home's square footage. Multiple offers came in above asking price. The $3,000 investment in landscaping upgrades yielded over $25,000 in sale price returns.

Jim and Wendy took a similar approach when preparing their suburban home for market. Tired of mowing, they removed patches of grass to create new flowerbeds. Adding river rock paths, timber edging, and flowering shrubs built visual interest. A focal point water feature bubbling near the front door drowned out street noise. Mulching refreshed neglected beds and a new wooden arbor framed the improved landscape. These facelifts let the architecture shine while providing a private sanctuary off the master suite. Buyers saw expanded living potential rather than problems needing renovation.

Small details like outdoor lighting and potted plants also boost appeal economically. When selling her townhome, Gina added solar path lights and patio lanterns to showcase walkways and sitting areas. Hanging baskets and pots bursting with color dressed up the entry and rear deck. These finishing touches framed the home in buyers"™ minds as a charming urban oasis minutes from conveniences.

Stand out in crowded search results. Get high-res Virtual Staging images for your real estate quickly and effortlessly. (Get started for free)

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