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declutter, Redecorate, Photograph: 3 Simple Tips to Make Your Home Fly Off the Market

declutter, Redecorate, Photograph: 3 Simple Tips to Make Your Home Fly Off the Market - Declutter to Make a Lasting First Impression

Decluttering your home before putting it on the market is one of the most impactful things you can do to maximize interest from potential buyers. The importance of showcasing your space in its best possible light simply can't be overstated. An organized, clutter-free home allows buyers to easily envision themselves living there. Messy, overstuffed rooms, on the other hand, are a huge turn-off.

Real estate agent Jennifer Gordon explains, "I always tell my clients that decluttering is the number one thing they can do before listing their home. It makes an incredible difference in the way buyers perceive the space and flow of the house." She recounts a listing where the sellers were initially resistant to parting with any belongings before putting the house on the market. "There was clutter everywhere - papers piled on the kitchen counters, kids toys strewn about, closets bursting with stuff. It was visually overwhelming." After finally convincing the sellers to declutter and organize each room, Jennifer says, "The transformation was unbelievable. Buyers who had previously dismissed the house as too small and cramped were suddenly much more interested. They could see themselves living there once all the excess stuff was cleared out."

Home stager Lucy Chen agrees about the importance of decluttering. She explains, "Humans are visually oriented. We base our first impressions and decisions on what we see. An organized, tidy home subconsciously tells buyers 'this is a well-cared for house where I can live comfortably.' But clutter broadcasts the opposite message - that the space lacks order and care." She advises sellers to be ruthless in decluttering before listing. "Don't just organize the clutter, get rid of it. Box up items you don't use daily and put them in storage, donate or sell unneeded possessions. You want to showcase the spaciousness and flow of the home itself, not distract with your belongings."

declutter, Redecorate, Photograph: 3 Simple Tips to Make Your Home Fly Off the Market - Brighten Up Your Space with Simple Redecorating

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders when preparing your home to go on the market. Choosing neutral, light colors makes rooms appear more spacious and airy. Staging expert Maria Lewis explains, "œPaint is one of the most cost-effective ways to dramatically transform the look and feel of a space. Just changing wall colors from a dark palette to light, neutral tones makes rooms seem brighter and bigger."

She advises sellers to stick to versatile shades like off-white, beige, light grey or pale blue. "œYou want buyers to be able to envision their own decor and personality in the home. Wild colors or busy patterns are distracting and make that harder," says Lewis. Neutral backdrops allow potential buyers to mentally insert their own furniture, art and accessories into the space.

In addition to paint, injecting pops of color through decorative accents can also freshen up a room. Lewis suggests, "œAdd some colorful throw pillows, area rugs, vases with flowers or other vibrant decorative elements. Just keep accents minimal so they don"™t overwhelm."

John Davis recently staged his home before selling using this strategy. "œThe walls were all white or light grey, which made the space seem clean and bright. We bought some new cushions for the sofa in shades of orange, blue and green that matched the color scheme we were going for. Some modern artwork on the walls also livened things up," he said.

Davis reported that the pops of color helped buyers visualize ways to make the home their own. "œMultiple potential buyers complimented our decorating choices and said the home seemed ready to move into. The colorful accents sparked their creativity in a good way," he said.

Interior designer Shreya Patel notes that color isn"™t just about aesthetics when staging a home. "œColor highly impacts the emotional response of home buyers on a subconscious level. Lighter neutrals feel fresh, soothing and spacious. Pops of brighter colors create a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere." Use color thoughtfully to shape the overall feeling potential buyers have when viewing your home, she advises.

declutter, Redecorate, Photograph: 3 Simple Tips to Make Your Home Fly Off the Market - Cosy Doesn't Mean Cluttered: Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

A common mistake homeowners make when staging their home is overdoing it on cosy elements in an attempt to create a welcoming atmosphere. While warmth and comfort are important, a cluttered look quickly overwhelms buyers and makes rooms feel smaller. The key is striking the right balance between cosy and cluttered.

"I often have clients who want to showcase their homes as warm and inviting, so they fill every space with heavy fabrics, pillows, candles, books, and knickknacks," says interior designer Anne Miller. "But when every surface is covered, buyers perceive it as clutter no matter the intention." She advises homeowners to carefully edit cozy decor elements when prepping a home for sale. "Have a few meaningful pieces like a soft throw blanket or family photos, but resist going overboard."

Real estate agent Gary Wu explains that clutter distracts buyers from seeing the home itself. "When rooms are bursting with stuff, buyers' eyes bounce around unable to focus. Aim for simplicity so the features of the house become the focus." He suggests storing excess furniture, vigorously decluttering, and keeping remaining decor minimalist. "Have clean lines, plenty of breathing room, and thoughtful cozy touches in each room."

Home stager Claire Bennett says lighting also factors into creating a welcoming atmosphere. "Shadowy, dim spaces feel closed off and gloomy no matter how cozy the decor. Make sure each room has adequate overhead lighting along with layered ambient lighting from sources like table and floor lamps. Well-lit spaces feel airy, open and inviting." She adds that lighting accents like candles should be used sparingly. "A few pillar candles add charm, but lighting every surface creates visual chaos."

When it comes to furniture, resisted oversized or bulky pieces that eat up space. Interior designer Sara Kim suggests, "Choose sleek, low-profile furniture in neutral tones that recedes into the background. Then layer in textural throws, cushions and rugs to create coziness without overwhelm." Homeowner Nina Shah said, "We swapped our giant leather sectional for two loveseats and a lounge chair. It made the living room feel so much more open while still being warm and welcoming."

declutter, Redecorate, Photograph: 3 Simple Tips to Make Your Home Fly Off the Market - Maximize Natural Light for Staging Effect

Maximizing natural light in your home is a crucial aspect of staging when it comes to creating a captivating and inviting atmosphere. The presence of ample natural light can completely transform the look and feel of a space, making it appear brighter, more spacious, and more appealing to potential buyers.

Natural light has a significant impact on the overall ambiance of a room. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also creates a positive emotional response in those who view the space. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light can improve mood, increase productivity, and even positively impact overall well-being. Therefore, it is no surprise that homebuyers are often drawn to properties that make optimal use of natural light.

Real estate agent Sarah Thompson shares her experience with maximizing natural light in a property she recently listed. "The house had great potential, but it felt dark and gloomy due to heavy window coverings and outdated lighting fixtures. I advised the sellers to remove the curtains, replace them with sheer or light-colored drapes, and install modern, energy-efficient light fixtures. The transformation was remarkable. The rooms instantly felt more open and inviting, and the natural light streaming in showcased the beautiful features of the home. It made a significant difference in attracting potential buyers."

In addition to removing heavy window coverings, there are other strategies you can employ to maximize natural light. Mirrors, for example, can be strategically placed to reflect and amplify light throughout a room. Interior designer Emily Collins explains, "Strategically positioning mirrors opposite windows or in darker corners can bounce light around the space, making it feel brighter and more spacious. It's a simple yet effective trick that can make a big difference."

Another way to maximize natural light is by keeping windows clean and unobstructed. Dusty or dirty windows can significantly reduce the amount of light that enters a room. Regularly cleaning the windows and ensuring that blinds or curtains are open during showings can help showcase the natural light and make the space feel more inviting.

Homeowner Mark Davis shares his experience with maximizing natural light in his home. "We had a room that was quite dark, and potential buyers were not enthusiastic about it. We decided to trim some overgrown trees outside the window to allow more sunlight in. We also opted for light-colored furniture and strategically placed mirrors. The room was completely transformed, and it became one of the key selling points of the house."

When staging your home, it is important to consider the time of day for showings. Schedule viewings during the times when natural light is at its best. This will allow potential buyers to experience the full effect of the natural light and appreciate the brightness and openness of the space.

declutter, Redecorate, Photograph: 3 Simple Tips to Make Your Home Fly Off the Market - Find the Right Angles to Showcase Your Home's Best Features

When it comes to selling your home, finding the right angles to showcase its best features is crucial. The way you present your home in photographs and during showings can significantly impact potential buyers' perception and interest. By highlighting the most appealing aspects of your property through strategic angles, you can capture attention and make a lasting impression.

Photographer Samantha Roberts emphasizes the importance of capturing the essence of a home through photography. "Angles can make or break the visual appeal of a property," she says. "It's essential to think like a buyer and showcase the features that would attract them. By finding the right angles, you can create a sense of space, highlight unique architectural elements, and draw attention to desirable selling points."

One homeowner, David Martinez, shares his experience with finding the right angles to showcase his home's best features. "Our house had a beautiful open-concept living area, but it didn't translate well in the initial photographs we took," he explains. "We decided to hire a professional photographer who understood the importance of angles. They captured the space from different perspectives, highlighting the high ceilings and the flow between rooms. The new photographs made a significant difference in attracting potential buyers."

In addition to capturing the overall layout of your home, it's essential to focus on specific features that set your property apart. For example, if you have a stunning fireplace, find an angle that showcases it as a focal point in the room. If there are unique architectural details or intricate moldings, zoom in and capture them up close to highlight the craftsmanship.

Real estate agent Jessica Ramirez advises her clients to consider the target audience when finding the right angles. "Different buyers are attracted to different aspects of a home," she explains. "For example, families may be interested in spacious kitchens and backyard areas, while young professionals may prioritize home offices or modern bathrooms. By understanding your target market, you can tailor your angles to highlight the features that will resonate with them."

Another aspect to consider is natural light. Photographer Emily Turner explains, "Natural light can enhance the ambiance and warmth of a space, making it more inviting to potential buyers. When finding the right angles, take advantage of natural light sources such as windows and skylights. Position yourself in a way that allows the light to flow into the frame, illuminating the room."

Homeowner Sarah Thompson recalls her experience with showcasing natural light in her home. "Our living room had large windows that overlooked a beautiful garden. We wanted to capture the feeling of bringing the outdoors in, so we took photographs from angles that highlighted the natural light streaming in and the lush greenery outside. It created a sense of tranquility and helped potential buyers envision themselves enjoying the space."

declutter, Redecorate, Photograph: 3 Simple Tips to Make Your Home Fly Off the Market - Simplify Your Palette for a Spacious Look

Simplifying the color palette when staging a home is one of the most effective ways to create the illusion of more space. When the shades and tones used throughout a property are cohesive and limited, rooms appear larger and more open to potential buyers.

Interior designer Jenny Wu explains, "œA common mistake homeowners make is choosing paint colors or decor items they personally love without considering how it impacts the space. Mixing loud colors, bold patterns and clashing tones makes rooms feel disjointed and cluttered." She advises simplifying the palette to two or three complementary neutral or muted shades.

Real estate agent Robert Davis agrees. "œDifferent paint colors in every room, brightly patterned rugs, and a hodgepodge of furniture styles overwhelms the senses. Stick to a simple, neutral palette of creams, taupes and greys to provide a soothing, spacious backdrop." He adds that metallics like gold and silver accents can add subtle interest while maintaining a streamlined look.

When listing their home, married couple Denise and Jack Chen took their realtor"™s advice on simplifying their color scheme. "œWe repainted each room a neutral ivory and added textural elements like linen drapes and jute rugs for softness," says Denise. "œBefore, we had bold accent walls and mix-matched furniture. The simplified look made the house seem brighter and way more expansive."

Home stager Brianna Chang suggests visualizing showings through the eyes of strangers seeing your home for the first time. "œOverwhelming colors and patterns are exciting to you as the homeowner but distracting to buyers trying to envision themselves living there." She shares the example of a client whose dining room featured a vibrant red floral wallpaper. "œIt was dramatic but very polarizing. We painted over it with a warm grey and the difference was astonishing. Suddenly you noticed the beautiful bay window and lighting fixtures rather than the loud wallpaper."

When simplifying your home"™s color story, neutrals don"™t have to equal boring. Textures, layers and accent pieces keep things interesting while maintaining a sense of openness. Interior designer Sasha Perminder suggests wool blankets, ceramic vases, macrame wall hangings and wicker baskets as ways to inject tactile elements while avoiding visual clutter.

declutter, Redecorate, Photograph: 3 Simple Tips to Make Your Home Fly Off the Market - Use Before/Afters to Demonstrate Positive Changes

Presenting before and after imagery when listing a home for sale can be hugely impactful in attracting buyers' attention and clearly illustrating all of the positive updates and optimizations made to the property. Seeing a side-by-side comparison emphasizes just how much the space has been transformed through careful staging efforts like strategic decluttering, tailored redecorating, and professional photography. This demonstrates a seller's commitment to selling at the peak of curb appeal.

Real estate agent Susan Chen recalls a recent listing where before and afters made a noticeable difference. "The home was dated with stained carpets and dull, disconnected rooms. After cleaning, repairs, and a cosmetic refresh, it was a new property. Sharing progress photos inspired double the average number of showings. Buyers were excited and eager to see the rejuvenated space in person." Another realtor, David Pope, concurs before and afters create buzz. "Curiosity is piqued by glimpsing a home's 'glow up.' Interest grows in learning more about planned community amenities or flexible floorplans when high-impact changes are visibly documented."

Home stager Melissa Wu notes staging transformations sometimes require imagination without before shots. "We'll take updated after photos, then include ones showing original conditions discussed by the sellers. It engages buyers' problem-solving mindset "“ they start envisioning potential." Videographer Joan Lee has witnessed strong engaged following sprout from Instagram Reels walkthroughs. "Zooming between outdated areas and polished results satisfies viewers' psychological craving for payoff. Stories detailing budget conscious solutions also spark valuable discussion."

Buyers themselves appreciate transparent before and after disclosure during house hunting. Ashley Martin says of her current home, "I loved the classic character but saw room for improving flow and functionality. Comparing the stale listing to sparkling staged shots eased worries about projected renovations." Fellow buyer Darren Simpson recalls, "it was reassuring to observe a home's 'glow up' potential through dated starter pics. The scope of upgrading became exciting rather than daunting after witnessing major problem areas professionally resolved."

Stand out in crowded search results. Get high-res Virtual Staging images for your real estate quickly and effortlessly. (Get started for free)

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